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Who we are?

We are a happy team!

Happy to work together, every day, to obtain concrete results for our customers and have them published on the most read and prestigious newspapers (both printed and on-line).

We rely on a solid 20 years’ experience, yet we are open to the “fluid” world of communication, with its constantly evolving and fast moving scenarios.

Our press office and digital PR will: increase your relevance, improve the brand reputation, enhance sales, “make headlines” and have a recurring presence on the most important printed magazines and the most visited websites.

Why choosing us? Because we are well rooted in the present yet projected towards the future.

Ours is a solid press office yet we are ready to take on any market’s challenge: we monitor new trends  and develop digital marketing strategies on social media. With the undiminished enthusiasm of our early days, we explore and promote a variety of different worlds: hotels, SPA, thermal baths, tourism organizations, restaurants, events and tour operators. Are you ready to start the journey with us?

Contact us:

E-mail: info@ella.it

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